Green Squared Roof Planter

The planter was developed around specific plant needs as determined by horticulturists. The design was created by engineers from Durban University of Technology to result in a module with optimal strength exceeding the structural requirements.

The injection moulded process is done using a mixture of first generation recycled poly propylene and virgin recyclable poly propylene. The planters are guaranteed against structural defects for a term of 30 years if the planter is covered by a minimum 20mm layer of soil.


  • Raised drain holes to retain water for longer periods.
  • Sufficient air flow below drain holes to prevent root growth through drain holes.
  • No grid effect visible after installation (which is typical of the modular approach).
  • Cut-outs in the sides of planter to allow for root growth across modules.
  • Narrow overlapping lips to prevent media from falling through gaps between modules.

Soil level raiser

The function of the soil level raiser is to allow the planter to be filled with grow medium to a level higher than the top of the planter. After installation, the soil level raiser is removed to effect in a continuous layer of soil across the installation.

It allows for roots, water, nutrients and micro organisms to spread across adjoining modules which results in better plant growth.

The soil level raisers are manufactured from extruded polypropylene board that is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Grow media

The grow media is one of the most important components for a successful roof garden.
The composition must be of such a nature that it will ensure a long lasting installation.
The Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau or FLL, is world wide accepted as the guide for roof planting. The following qualities for the grow media are be considered:

  • Weight of the media
  • Granular appearance
  • Drainage
  • Aeration
  • Water permeability
  • Water storage ability
  • Possibility of compression
  • Organic content
  • PH
  • Salt
  • Nutrient content
  • Low seed germination
  • Low prevalence of foreign substances

Green Squared recommended grow media has been developed not only with the FLL guidelines in mind, but also with the consideration of the carbon footprint of the aggregate. Local and recycled medium is used for both the organic and inorganic components. We also include Zeoplant, a widely used moisture retainer used successfully in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries.

Plant selection


A variety of factors pay a role when selecting the plant palate for a green roof.

  • Roofs are typically exposed to the toughest conditions and the plants have to be
  • able to thrive in this environment.
  • There are often factors allowing for roof gardens with lower maintenance.
  • There might be a requirement for a garden which can survive without irrigation.
  • The loading capacity and depth of media will dictate which plants are suitable.
  • The design of the building and the amount of sun and shade plays a role.
  • Different regions require different plant selections.
  • There might be a need for a indigenous garden.

These are some of the factors which need to be considered and balanced with the specific needs and preferences of the customer.

Green squared is in partnership with recommended horticulturists who should be consulted before undertaking projects.

The maps below are a indication of the climate zones of South Africa with an indication of sedums suitable for these zones.

2008 maps dc copy

Dry Continental

Acacia karroo Aristea sp. Cotyledon papillaris Kniphofia praecox
Acmadenia sp. Aspalathus sp. Cotyledon tomentosa Justicia cuneata
Acrodon bellidiflorus Asparagus sp. Cotyledon woodii Lampranthus sp.
Adromischus sp. Athanasia sp. Crassula arborescens Leonotis ocymifolia
Agathosma sp. Babiana sp. Crassula capitella Lessertia microphylla
Aizoon gnidioides Ballota africana Crassula cultrata Leucadendron sp.
Aizoon karooicum Barleria obtusa Crassula muscosa Leucas capensis
Albuca canadensis Berkheya sp. Crassula nudicaulis Lycium ferrocissimum
Albuca cooperi Boophone disticha Crassula ovata Lycium horridum
Albuca setosa Braunsia apiculata Delosperma sp. Malephora sp.
Albuca spiralis Buddleja saligna Dimorphotheca sp. Maytenus oleoides
Aloe ferox Buddleja salviifolia Diospyros glabra Melianthus comosus
Aloe humilis Bulbine abyssinica Diospyros austro-africana Melinis repens
Aloe lineata Bulbine frutescens Diospyros lycioides Mesembryanthemum sp.
Aloe longistyla Bulbinella sp. Drosanthemum sp. Othonna sp.
Aloe maculata Calobota sp Erica sp. If you have water or mist Pelargonium sp.
Aloe microstigma Carissa haematocarpa Eriospermum sp. Polygala virgata
Aloe perfoliata Carpobrotus edulis Euphorbia sp. Portulacaria afra
Aloe speciosa Cenchrus ciliaris Freylinia undulata Pteronia sp.
Aloe striata Cephalophyllum sp. Freylinia vlokii Ruschia sp.
Aloe variegata Cerochlamys sp. Gasteria brachyphylla Salvia africana-lutea
Ammocharis coranica Chaenostoma sp. Gasteria vlokii Sarcostemma viminale
Anacampseros sp. Cineraria sp. Gazania krebsiana Schotia afra
Anisodontea sp. Cladoraphis spinosa Gibbaeum sp. Searsia glauca
Antegibbaeum sp. Cleretum sp. Glottiphyllum sp. Senecio ficoides
Anthospermum sp. Cliffortia sp. Grewia robusta Senecio radicans
Aptosimum procumbens Clutia tomentosa Gymnosporia buxifolia Stapelia sp.
Arctotheca prostrata Conophytum sp. Haemanthus sanguineus Tylecodon sp.
Arctotheca calendula Cotula sp. Haworthia sp. Ursinia sp.
Arctotis sp. Cotyledon orbiculata Huernia sp. Zygophyllum sp

2008 maps ss copy

Summer Rainfall Subtropical

Adenia obesum Crassula lanceolata Gasteria croucheri Plectranthus verticillatus
Aeollanthus parvifolius Crassula multicava Haemanthus albiflos Portulaca quadrifida
Aeollanthus rehmannii Crassula multicava 3 forms Huernia volkartii var. repens Portulacaria afra two forms
Aloe chabaudii Crassula ovata Huernia hystrix Pouzolzia mixta
Aloe arborescens Crassula pellucid Hypoxis hemerocallidea Sansevieria hyacinthoides
Aloe ciliaris Crassula perfoliata Kalanchoe crenata Sansevieria pearsonii
Aloe cooperi Crassula perforata Kalanchoe hirta Sarcostemma viminale
Aloe ferox Crassula sarcocaulis Kalanchoe longiflora Scadoxus puniceus
Aloe greenii Crassula sarmentosa Kalanchoe neglecta Senecio aizoides
Aloe hybrids Crassula spathulata Kalanchoe rotundifolia Senecio barbetonicus
Aloe maculata Crassula tetragona Kalanchoe sexangularis Senecio brachypodus
Aloe mudenensis Cyanotis speciosa Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Senecio ficifolia
Aloe pluridens Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus Kleinia fulgens Senecio medley-woodii
Aloe pruinosa Cyrtanthus sanguineus Lampranthus sp. Senecio oxyodontus
Aloe spicata Delosperma lebomboensis Obetia tenax Senecio pleistocephalus
Aloe tenuior Delosperma lineare Orbea speciosa Senecio viminalis
Aloe thraskii Delosperma rogersii 4 colour forms Orbea zebrina Solanecio angulatus
Aloe vanbalenii Delosperma Somkhele Ornithogalum longibracteata Stapelia gigantea
Aptenia cordifolia Delosperma subpetiolatum Othonna capensis Stapelia leendertziae
Bulbine abyssinica Delosperma tradescantioides Othonna carnosa Tetradenia riparia two forms
Bulbine asphodeloides Dietes iridioides Pelargonium capitatum Thorncroftia longiflora
Bulbine frutescens Euphorbia clavarioides Pelargonium inquinans
Bulbine latifolia Euphorbia grandicornis Pelargonium peltatum Grasses
Bulbine natalensis Euphorbia pseudocactus Plectranthus amboinicus Eragrostis ciliaris
Bulbine pallida Euphorbia pulvinata Plectranthus ernstii Eragrostis plana
Carpobrotus dimidiatus Euphorbia tirucalli Plectranthus hadiensis Eragrostis curvula
Cissus quadrangularis Euphorbia triangularis Plectranthus neochilus Hyparrhenia filipendula
Cissus rotundifolia Euphorbia evansii Plectranthus spicatus Setaria plicatilis
Cotyledon orbiculata Euphorbia tetragona Plectranthus tettensis Sporobolus pyrimidalis
Crassula expansa Gasteria batesiana Plectranthus venteri

2008 maps st copy

Summer Rainfall Temperate

Adenia obesum Bulbine frutescens Delosperma rogersii 4 colour forms Kalanchoe rotundifolia Sarcostemma viminale
Aeollanthus parvifolius Bulbine latifolia Delosperma Somkhele Kalanchoe sexangularis Scadoxus puniceus
Aeollanthus rehmannii Bulbine natalensis Delosperma subpetiolatum Lampranthus sp. Senecio aizoides
Albuca batteniana Bulbine pallida Delosperma tradescantioides Merwilla plumbea Senecio barbetonicus
Albuca fastigiata Carpobrotus dimidiatus Drimia elata Obetia tenax Senecio brachypodus
Albuca nelsonii Cissus quadrangularis Eriocephalus africanus Orbea speciosa Senecio ficifolia
Albuca setosa Cissus rotundifolia Euphorbia clavarioides Orbea zebrina Senecio medley-woodii
Aloe chabaudii Cotyledon orbiculata Euphorbia grandicornis Ornithogalum longibracteata Senecio oxyodontus
Aloe arborescens Crassula expansa Euphorbia pseudocactus Oscularia deltoides Senecio pleistocephalus
Aloe ciliaris Crassula lanceolata Euphorbia pulvinata Othonna capensis Senecio viminalis
Aloe cooperi Crassula multicava Euphorbia tirucalli Othonna carnosa Stapelia gigantea
Aloe ferox Crassula multicava 3 forms Euphorbia triangularis Pelargonium capitatum Stapelia leendertziae
Aloe greenii Crassula ovata Euphorbia evansii Pelargonium inquinans Tetradenia riparia two forms
Aloe hybrids Crassula pellucid Euphorbia tetragona Pelargonium peltatum Thorncroftia longiflora
Aloe maculata Crassula perfoliata Gasteria batesiana Plectranthus amboinicus Tulbaghia acutiloba
Aloe mudenensis Crassula perforata Gasteria croucheri Plectranthus hadiensis Tulbaghia simmleri
Aloe pluridens Crassula sarcocaulis Haemanthus albiflos Plectranthus neochilus Tulbaghia ludwigiana
Aloe pruinosa Crassula sarmentosa Haemanthus humilis subsp. hirsutus Plectranthus spicatus
Aloe spicata Crassula spathulata Huernia volkartii var. repens Plectranthus venteri Grasses
Aloe tenuior Crassula tetragona Huernia hystrix Plectranthus verticillatus Eragrostis ciliaris
Aloe thraskii Cyanotis speciosa Hypoxis hemerocallidea Portulaca quadrifida Eragrostis plana
Aloe vanbalenii Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus Kalanchoe crenata Portulacaria afra two forms Eragrostis curvula
Aptenia cordifolia Cyrtanthus sanguineus Kalanchoe hirta Pouzolzia mixta Hyparrhenia filipendula
Bulbine abyssinica Delosperma lebomboensis Kalanchoe longiflora Sansevieria hyacinthoides Setaria plicatilis
Bulbine asphodeloides Delosperma lineare Kalanchoe neglecta Sansevieria pearsonii Sporobolus pyrimidalis

2008 maps wr copy

Cape Winter Rainfall Region

Agapanthus praecox Cineraria saxifraga Jordaaniella dubia
Albuca fastigiata Cotyledon orbiculata many leaf colour and shape forms Kalanchoe longiflora
Albuca nelsonii Crassula arborescens Kalanchoe sexangularis
Aloe arborescens Crassula multicava Kalanchoe thrysiflora
Aloe ciliaris Crassula ovata Kniphofia sp.
Aloe commixta Crassula perfoliata Lampranthus aureus
Aloe ferox Crassula rubicaulis Metalasia muricata
Aloe maculata Crassula sarmentosa Oscularia cedarbergensis
Aloe plicatilis Crassula tetragona Oscularia deltoides
Aloe striata Cussonia thrysiflora Pelargonium betulinum
Aloe succotrina Delosperma prasinum Pelargonium capitatum
Aloe tenuior Delosperma sp. Pelargonium inquinans
Aloe vanbalenii Dimorphotheca fruticosa Plectranthus neochilus not a Cape species but used in horticulture.
Amaryllis belladonna Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Ruschia lineolata
Arctotis stoechadifolia Drosanthemum ocimifolia Salvia africana-lutea
Bulbine frutescens Drosanthemum sp. Senecio ficoides
Bulbine natalensis Eriocephalus africanus Senecio aizoides
Carpobrotus acinifolius Euphorbia mauritiana, Syncarpha argyropsis
Carpobrotus edulis Glottiphyllum sp.
Cephalophyllum album Haemanthus coccineus