Benefits of the R3 system

Instantly vegetated garden

One of the main advantages of modular planting is to be able to pre-plant and pre-grow the modules. After installation, you have a fully vested, well rooted garden which will withstand the typical harsh conditions on a roof.

Continues layer of soil across the installation

Plants tend to grow better in an uninterrupted mass of grow medium. With our R3 system, you get the best of both worlds. You can still pre-plant and grow the modules but with the raised level of soil across the installation, roots can grow across different modules. Nutrients, moisture and bacteria are also not restricted to specific modules which results in a healthier garden.

Saving electricity

A planted roof forms an insulating layer on the roof and reduces the fluctuating of ambient temperature in the building.

Scientific data collected over the last 4 years at the City Engineers Building in Durban has shown that the average temperatures in the month of January 2013 differed by 18 degrees at the hottest time of the day between a planted area versus the blank control area.


The green roof installed at the eThekwini Municipality’s City Engineers Building in KE Masinga Road is part of the eThekwini Municipality’s Municipal Climate Protection Programme (Image Source: Clive Greenstone)

Research Done In South Africa

Below surface irrigation

The R3 roof planter is designed to accommodate a dripper system with a 15mm black irrigation pipe running below the planters. The dripper system can be installed before pre-planting and the irrigation can be connected.

Before installation on the roof, the drippers can be disconnected and simply re-connected during final installation.

No visual grid pattern

The narrow interlocking lip and soil covering the planters eliminates the typical unattractive pattern of modules next to each other.

Designed to accommodate a pedestal system if a 100% horizontal installation is required.
Where a 100% horizontal installation is required, the planter is designed to accommodate the Buson pedestals with a simple, effective clip-in system. No clumsy system with pavers falling over resulting in an installation problem and risk of injury. The planters are strong enough to carry the weight of a person weighing up to 120kg without using a costly steel or GRP grid and the possibility of installing a modern, formal garden incorporating pavers becomes a reality.

Airflow under the planter


The planter is designed to allow for sufficient airflow under the planter. This is also the area where the drain holes are positioned. This means that during dry spells, hair roots starting to find its way through the drain holes, dries out and dies. This significantly reduces the possibility of root damage to the existing roof.

Reduce rainwater runoff

Impervious surfaces in cities result in accelerated storm water runoff. This water is directed into storm water drains and is let out to sea and in rivers. At accelerated rates this water can cause infrastructure damage and with more frequent and excessive rainfall storms predicted in the future, the problem is growing. Green roofs help to reduce storm water runoff by slowing down the rate that rainfall enters the stormwater drains

reservoirsWater reservoirs

There are 4 water reservoirs in each planter with the function of retaining water for longer periods between showers or irrigation. In the South-African climate with typical climate of showers with showers with sunny days in between, this is an ideal feature.






depthAdjust the depth of grow media according to plant selection

Some plants require deeper soil than others. The soil level raisers can be filled with soil to the required depth for the plants selected on the same project giving the designer more options to create a specific type of garden.





Easy installation

The 450 x 450 size is practical in terms of handling, carrying and installation. Even with soil and pre-grown plants, it is still comfortable to carry. Access might be a problem on certain roofs but the planter can easily be carried through a single door if that is the only access.


Design possibilities

The 450 x 450 size opens up design possibilities and detailed designs are possible. It is also possible to cut through planters and to blank them of by using edging if required.

Enhancing bio-diversity

Growing a diversity of indigenous plants on a green roof can result in an increase in the variety of insects and birds visiting the roof.





R3 Modular Planter
Soil Level Raiser
Grow Media
Plant Selection

Installation Process

R3 Technical Specifications

  • 455mm x 455mm x 100mm deep
  • The height of the raised soil will typically be 20mm but can vary
  • Weight per planter: 950gram
  • Colour of planter: Black
  • Material used: 50% recycled Polypropylene and 50% virgin Polypropylene
  • Volume of soil per planter: +-17lt
  • Weight of local soil mix unsaturated: 730gram per lt
  • Weight of local soil mix fully saturated: 940gram per lt
  • Weight per planter fully planted and saturated: +- 17 to 22kg


PDF: Roof Planter 3D
PDF: Roof Planter 2D
PDF: Roof Planter Technical Report DUT

Special Feature


Where a completely horizontal installation is required, the R3 planter can be used with the Buzon Pedestal System The planter is designed to clip onto the pedestals for a secure, simple installation.